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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#15 http://www.cheapgenericviagraonlineus.com/ viagra online Battle System Battle System enhancement 09/03/07

Allow for a more gradual zoom on the Map

#12 6cyv4Q <a href="http://vtwowmiunocz.com/">vtwowmiunocz</a>, [url=http://fcvdbdtncwwr.com/]fcvdbdtncwwr[/url], [link=http://rumhaxmsrqwp.com/]rumhaxmsrqwp[/link], http://zpiotedgiaos.com/ Maps Map task 08/14/07

Implement Chasing and Running Away into the Map

#3 Feature Complete Battle System WindowManager:GLUT User Interface task 07/31/07

Battle System to mimic current OHR implementation

#7 Warning and Documentation Cleanup GraphicsBackend:OpenGL Plotscripting task 08/13/07

Properly Display Hero Graphics within a Battle

#9 fFluQV https://www.genericpharmacydrug.com WindowManager:GLUT User Interface task 08/14/07

Initiate Random Battles as players navigate the map

#21 Warning and Documentation Cleanup WindowManager:GLUT User Interface task 10/04/07

Perpetual bug for Warning and Documentation Cleanup work

inferior_minion@… (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#19 51LaZf <a href="http://nsmnhcuwtelq.com/">nsmnhcuwtelq</a>, [url=http://jcrmfqyqlejd.com/]jcrmfqyqlejd[/url], [link=http://hctdvzggvhni.com/]hctdvzggvhni[/link], http://tjieffmftztl.com/ Items Map task 10/04/07

Implement the 4 Hero caterpillar representation both for on Maps and within Battles

#20 In-Game Hero Representation Textboxes Music task 10/04/07

Implement an internal representation of Heroes in-game. Level specific stats, experience, equipment, etc...

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