Trac is distributed with a powerful command-line configuration tool. This tool can be used to configure and customize your Trac-installation to better fit your needs.

Some of those operations can also be performed via the web interface thanks to the optional  WebAdmin plugin, distributed separately for now.


You can get a comprehensive list of the available options, commands and sub-commands by invoking trac-admin with the help command:

trac-admin help

Unless you're executing the help, about or version sub-commands, you'll need to specify the path to the TracEnvironment that you want to administer as the first argument, for example:

trac-admin /path/to/projenv wiki list

Interactive Mode

When passing the environment path as the only argument, trac-admin starts in interactive mode. Commands can then be executed on the selected environment using the prompt, which offers tab-completion (on non-Windows environments, and when the Python readline module is available) and automatic repetition of the last command issued.

Once you're in interactive mode, you can also get help on specific commands or subsets of commands:

For example, to get an explanation of the resync command, run:

> help resync

To get help on a all the Wiki-related commands, run:

> help wiki

See also: TracGuide, TracBackup, TracPermissions, TracEnvironment, TracIni Whether you can hear it or not, The Universe is laughing behind your back.

-- National Lampoon, "Deteriorata"

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